Wally Schnalle

Wally Schnalle

Drummer, composer, writer/editor for Drum Magazine, and Teacher.

Thanks for your interest in my teaching. My teaching studio is located in Fremont, CA near the Irvington and Mission San Jose Districts. Or if you prefer I do teach one day a week in San Jose at The Rhythm Acadamy located in downtown San Jose. With all my students I keep three modes of education going on at all lessons (though things vary depending on the needs of the student.) The first is technique (which does include my take on Moeller methods). The second is reading skills (important for learning and real world challenges). And lastly four-limb independence on the drum set. This includes purely independence/coordination exercises as well as idiomatic lessons like Jazz, funk, rock, Afro-Cuban etc. My lessons are typically 1/2 hour weekly but I do have some hour students.


Wally teaches at the Rhythm Academy one night a week on Mondays in addition to his studio in Fremont. Please contact us for available lesson times.

(All class times subject to change.)


Call: 408-529-9008 

Email: Contact@rhythmacademysj.com

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