Joe DeRose

Joe derose


Joe has been teaching for over 15 years, and his teaching method has been described as EDUCATIONAL, PRACTICAL and FUN!

Being a Berklee College of Music graduate and having studied with many of the greats, he has a wealth of knowledge to share with everyone from a beginner to a pro!

Joe stresses the importance of Time, Feel, Groove, Sound, Reading, Rudiments, Dynamics, Different Styles, Different Time Signatures, Speed, Control, Endurance, Soloing, Musicality, Song Forms, and how to Practice and Perform with a click. He also incorporates how drums can be applied to the natural law of physics—making it easy to play.

“Playing the drums utilizes the same principals as any great athlete, being relaxed, balanced, and focused.”—Joe.

He likes to prepare his students for musical situations they will need to gig live, record in the studio, and gives any beginner the tools and foundation they will need to grow musically.
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“After being off the drums for 30 years Joe jump started me
on the path to getting my funk back. He is a great teacher.”

“Joe plays technically and soulfully and teaches
his students how to play like that.”
— Ethan Skinner,
18 years old, student for 4 1/2 years.

“Joe’s insightful and fun teaching method makes every
lesson exciting! He is able to take rudimentary
exercises and turn them into ideas for building
grooves and solos that can be applied to the whole
drum set”.
—Chris Scanlan,
20 years old, student for 3 years

“He is fun and easy to learn from,
and also a good drummer!”
—Brent Jones,
12 years old, student for 3 years



Joe teaches at the Rhythm Academy on Saturdays.

(All class times subject to change.)


Call: 408-529-9008